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You’ll learn a little bit more about the Halloweech krew as well as links to all my blogs related to my home haunt actors which usually include photos!

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The Halloweech Krew

Founder of Halloweech Studios, Head Haunter
I've been into Halloween since I was a kid. I would decorate my parent's home on the outside every year with silly or scary Halloween decor. Every year, the decorations increased and would eventually be thrown away by my dad because I never took them down. As our love for Halloween grew, so did our motivation. With the help of my sister we created our first backyard home haunt. It was a hit! We haven't looked back since and we learned to preserve our Halloween haul each year. You'll find me collecting, building, creating, sculpting and rigging up just about anything when it comes to our maze. I'm in the mood for Halloween all year long! 

DJ Whisper
Founder of Halloweech Studios, Halloween DJ
​My sister DJ Whisper aka Dee is one of the founders of the original home haunt. Since then, it has evolved into Halloweech Studios. With her help and guidance, we are able to add such spooktacular effects to our maze including lazer lights and music. In addition to adding eerie effects to our maze, she always DJs our inside parties and never lets us down with her ghoulish selection of tunes.

Co-founder of Halloweech Studios, Head Haunter
What would I do with out my darling .virus.? She has been assisting us with our annual mazes for as long as we have been having them. She is my right hand man offering helpful tips, morbid ideas and major support with everything involved in our maze each year. In her spare time, she likes collecting rocks and minerals, studying outer space and practicing her monster make-up skills. 

Husband of Founder of Halloweech Studios, Head Haunter
My poor husband has been drafted into the Halloweech Krew by default as soon as he married me. Without his support, it would be difficult to continue the maze. From helping me create teaser trailers, building, hanging, stapling, decorating, or even acting in the maze, he definitely lends a helping hand at all times. When he is not helping out with the maze, you will usually find him gaming or practicing his euphonium!

Nephew, Head Actor
My nephew has always been more than eager to help me every year. Foofie is my star actor and is willing to take on just about any role. I usually give him simple direction and then he changes it all up and does his own thing too! He's magnificent in every way and I could not imagine my life without him, much less the maze! When he is not helping out with the maze, you will most likely find Foofie playing with cats or dogs or eating Peter Piper Pizza!

Nephew, Actor in maze
My younger nephew Chris has always loved coming to our maze and participating in his own way! I usually let him decide what he wants to wear, give him basic direction and he takes off from there. He usually portrays SWAT or military personal in the maze and its the perfect addition to any haunt we have! On his off time, you will find him at school or at home gaming online!

Oldest sister, Actor in maze & support
My sister Olivia is always in attendance in our maze. She has participated in the maze several years, depending on her mood at the time! Haha. She offers huge support supplying wigs, masks, costumes, and materials that we use every year and that help make our maze special! She also assists with the party side of the maze as well.

 Maze construction, lighting and head actor
Aaron has been such a tremendous help in our maze! Without him, I can definitely say our maze would be very boring! Not only is he good at constructing various things for our maze, but he is always helping to make it look better visually, especially by adding in special effects like black lights. He is also one of our main actors in the maze and always does a spooktacular job! 

Nano, Alex, Hailey
Cousins, Actors in maze
Our cousins are the best. They always bring such excitement to our maze. They're basically veterans of our home haunt as they participate nearly every year. Without them, our maze would not be possible! They love making up their own characters and dialogue through the maze and they are not afraid to get in your face and scare you. 

Mel, Rafa & Gracie & friend Emma
Cousins, Actors in maze
Mel and Gracie have always been eager to be a part of our maze each year and they definitely make it extra special! We love having Mel dress up in old wedding gowns and we love having Gracie as our youngest actress in the maze. They make such a spooky couple that everyone loves them. When Gracie's friend Emma joins in, the night gets even more spooky! Rafa is our long time family friend and always helps out whenever or where ever he can! It's really not a party without Rafita! What would I do without my family!?

Baby Tudy & Tudy

Nephew and Brother, Actors in maze
My youngest nephew is now a part of our team including my oldest brother! We hooked him in and now my brother is forced to bring his whole family to our maze each year. They lend a huge hand as actors in the maze and really make it extra spooky for all of our visitors!