Looking forward to Halloween 2020

Although our Halloween party and home haunt are out of the question for this year, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate in a different way. I already have an alternate way to celebrate that involves just being home and doing a mini haunted trail for my son. I'm also already doing some online Halloween browsing and came upon a few items that I really want! I haven't ordered anything yet but I thought I would share them here!

Halloween Wind Up Toys

These could be party favors or all-year-around shelf decorations. I'm just sayin'!
Price $9.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Finger Birthday Candles

These would be perfect for my birthday in just a couple of weeks!
Price $8.95

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Pumpkin Patch Tin Sign
I'm a sucker for any tin signs! I love the vintage feel of this sign.
Price $6.95

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Bride of Chucky Mini Bust
Considering my one-year-old was Chucky for Halloween, I think it's safe to say this should be in my home, like yesterday! 
Price $24.99 (pre-order)

Where to buy: Trick or Treat Studios

Child's Play Wall Decor
I literally can't believe my eyes! Chucky wall decor with a lovely vintage feel.
Price $9.99 

Where to buy: Trick or Treat Studios

Stay tuned for more!