Haunted Tree - Yard Decor Idea

One of my newest and best source for ideas comes from our favorite place to visit during Fall with my family, which is Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX. I found out about this farm while looking up activities to do with my family when my son was still an infant. If you hear me mention this place a lot, it's because it's my favorite place on Earth. The cornfields, the maze, the spooky DIY's everywhere and the hayride... I just can't say enough good things about it!

Today's inspiration comes from the haunted hayride located within a wooded area. Among the many props along the path, my favorite are the prop ideas that utilize trees. Trees are often overlooked during Halloween but they can become a part of your display with a little help.

I'm sharing this idea because home haunting has changed for me now that I live away from the city and I'm always looking for ways to utilize my natural surroundings. This prop is situated on a tree stump with fluorescent colors and additional textures to give it an eerie and radioactive feel. What better way to utilize an old cut down tree than to spook it up?

Thanks to my Aunt checking in on me, I discovered At Home now offers Curbside pick-up. Previously when I checked it wasn't an option so I've added some things to my basket. One of them is this spooky living tree prop! I noticed its the same one from Yesterland Farm (the one pictured above) after putting it in my cart. I'm all about adding fluorescent tones to my props and adding a black light nearby for that pop of color. I can't wait to put my version together this year. I'll be sure to post the finished photos and update this post for future reference with a link. Stay tuned!