I'm going to be making more posts per day because I have so many Halloween memories I want to share and its on my 'to do list' to write out some of memories before I forget them! I also can't help myself when I look back on some of my old photos because they bring back good fall memories for me!

These pictures are from September 2018 on a trip to Lowe's with my husband and baby boy! It was one of his first Halloween shopping trips a few days shy of being 9 months old. He was a little too happy about everything he saw. I wondered if he would stay that way as he got older. He has to a certain degree!

My little ghoulster-in-training!

Here's another view of my little pumpkin! 

And finally, what else did we see at Lowe's that year? Here are a few pics! I took a couple pics of the tree because I felt like I could make it myself at some point and I also just liked the overall shape of it. Good for reference!