Halloween Maze Sign Process

Earlier I posted my Halloween maze sign for 2019! I wanted to show the process I used to create my signs for anyone who may need ideas!

How I begin

I start by finding a font I like online that will suit my needs. For this sign I actually used two fonts and combined them to create this sign. I actually typed the text out twice in Illustrator, expanded the font and clipped and cropped letters to do a font mash-up. I've included the template for anyone who may want to use it!

Download the template above!

Cut the wood

I had a piece of scrap wood in a rectangular shape. I used my cutter to create some jagged edges on either side and the top. I did not sand it because I no longer have sanding tools but I would recommend to sand the edges if you are able to. 

Copy the template

After creating a digital file of what I want on my sign, I would normally eyeball it and draw it by hand. I did it this way for years with good results that weren't too exact which made the sign more creepy in my opinion. However, my sister-in-law gifted us a projector last year and it was the perfect opportunity to start using it! I simply projected the sign on the wall and traced. 

An alternative to tracing is to print out the text and place it over the sign. Using a pencil trace the text on the paper pressing hard enough to leave an indentation in your sign. My signs are usually large so eyeballing it for me is always the way to go in those cases.

Paint the sign

Above you can see the gray base coat I gave the sign and the fluorescent paint I began adding. I wanted the letters to pop but also be legible. I painted two coats of black over the fluorescent colors to give it a nice glow under black light.

Add in the grit

Lastly, you're going to want to use a spray paint can and gently spray droplets over the finished painted sign to give it some texture and grit. I also added moss in the indentation of the sign and around it. I later took the moss off the edges but the remnants left behind actually achieved the look I wanted!

And that's it! Don't forget to check out the finished piece here!