Boo-it-yourself 2020 (To-do List!)

I needed to take a moment to document my BIY (Boo-it-yourself) ideas for 2020. I actually discovered that term on Micheal's official website. I also picked up tons of inspiration from the site too!

I write and plan out what I want to do each year but with quarantine I have not been in a mood to bother with Halloween DIY's at all. I recently got a sudden bump in inspiration with the recent Fall weather we had yesterday. It put me in the mood for sure!

Anyway, here are all of the projects I have planned out for now! I'll add and update as needed. I'll be sure to link back to this post any time I complete one of these projects so I can check it off the list.

Outdoor Projects
-Paint (4) silver skulls with realistic color and mossy texture and affix to shutters (IN PROGRESS 8/24/20) DONE - pics not yet uploaded
-Repaint/redo large skull (currently a clown) to more natural colors/nature texture, add webs, light behind eyes and hang on house DONE!
-Touch up tombstones with moss and paint, add flowers and webs - DONE! Can be seen here!
-Attempt to make handmade bale of hay for display! (IN PROGRESS) 8/24/20 DONE - pics not yet uploaded
-Repaint broken birdbath and give "eerie" make under. (Actually repainted neutral tones to use all-year around 8/24/20) DONE! Link here!
-Make two pillars to hold pumpkin lanterns?! (need materials)  DONE - Link here! (seen in b/g)
-DIY porch or stand out of scrap wood for "organ donation" scene (IN PROGRESS  8/24/20DONE - Link here!
-Alien scene, repaint barrels using fluorescent lighting - NOT DONE
-Tree creature - spook up the store bought tree creature and put it up securely(IN PROGRESS  8/24/20) DONE! - Link here!

-Build coffin sign with scrap wood (words to TBD but perhaps a welcome sign) - NOT DONE
-Repaint a store bought sign (words TBD but decided on fishing theme - IN PROGRESS 8/24/20) - DONE - pics not yet uploaded

Entryway/front door
-Create spooky wreath with a tombstone and critter theme DONE!
-Rearrange Halloween props and items near door, add spooky mat - DONE! Link here!

Indoor crafts
-Cut paper bat silhouettes to attach to white and orange balloons (hang up a week before Halloween) - NOT DONE
-Pennant craft with spooky paper for Robert's room or living room (pennants overlap) DONE! Link here!
-Spooky & cute crafts for mijos room (varies) DONE - pics not yet uploaded
-Make spooky ornaments for "Halloween tree" DONE! (Our first Halloween tree was a success! See it now!)

-Begin mijo's Splatoon costume! (need wig, jacket, shorts, and white shoes)
-Construct weapon for costume 

DONE! Costume post here! (5/7/21)
I finally got around to making a complete blog post about my son's cosplay after my husband posted a picture of his finished costume on Reddit and it got an insane amount of upvotes and lots of questions!