Looking forward to Halloween 2020

Although our Halloween party and home haunt are out of the question for this year, it doesn't mean we can't celebrate in a different way. I already have an alternate way to celebrate that involves just being home and doing a mini haunted trail for my son. I'm also already doing some online Halloween browsing and came upon a few items that I really want! I haven't ordered anything yet but I thought I would share them here!

Halloween Wind Up Toys

These could be party favors or all-year-around shelf decorations. I'm just sayin'!
Price $9.99

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Finger Birthday Candles

These would be perfect for my birthday in just a couple of weeks!
Price $8.95

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Pumpkin Patch Tin Sign
I'm a sucker for any tin signs! I love the vintage feel of this sign.
Price $6.95

Where to buy: Amazon.com

Bride of Chucky Mini Bust
Considering my one-year-old was Chucky for Halloween, I think it's safe to say this should be in my home, like yesterday! 
Price $24.99 (pre-order)

Where to buy: Trick or Treat Studios

Child's Play Wall Decor
I literally can't believe my eyes! Chucky wall decor with a lovely vintage feel.
Price $9.99 

Where to buy: Trick or Treat Studios

Stay tuned for more!

DIY Spider Sacs

Here's a simple and inexpensive DIY idea to spook up any entry! 

I made these using old dress socks, stuffed 'em with soft pillow stuffing, tied 'em up and added some webs on the the outer layer. Before I added the white webs and spiders, I spray painted over them with green and orange fluorescent paint so that they would pop under the black light. I also popped on some extra eyeballs I had laying around. 

COST: Virtually nothing! (used materials I already had.)

LED Light Ideas

A few more LED lighting ideas. Don't you get bored with wrapping the lights up the same way each year? I do! Each year I try to find a different way to display lights both inside my house as well as on the outside. A few ideas I came up with are this diagonal zig-zag design on my window with orange and purple LED light sets which I loved. It looked super bright and spooky! The other sets were actually kind of boring, so I tore off some eyeballs from an incandescent set and put them on purple and soft white light sets. Sometimes the eyeballs would roll off because they were a little loose but since it was temporary it didn't really matter. I also use the close quarters of my kitchen to run the lights mid-air connecting them to either side of the wall. 

Halloween LED Light Ideas

I'm really into LED lights, whether it be for Halloween or Christmas. They're so much brighter, use less energy and are a lot safer because the bulbs don't get hot. In fact, over the years I have completely switched to only LED and its all I'll buy now! Above you'll notice skeleton LED lights intertwined with bright blue LED lights from Christmas. Together they give off an eerie and skull-tastic glow and look great with the light on or off! My recommendation is to try to find blue, purple, or red LED light sets on clearance after Christmas to add to your indoor or outdoor scenes. These were draped over my shelves in the photos below.

Also, I added battery-operated light sets to some of my plastic pumpkins for a cool glow. They look fangtastic but it does get tiresome to have to change out the batteries from time to time. I also try to buy any LED pumpkin lights I can after Halloween. I usually get lucky and get several and tend to use those for mostly indoor use.

Ghoulish Greetings!

My Halloween blog is officially active for 2020! 

I’m so excited to finally have a place to share progress on our home haunt, any Halloween DIY projects I’m working on and even links to great Halloween resources I find on the net. 

Please bookmark my blog to stay updated on all things ghoulish!