Haunted Tree - Yard Decor Idea

One of my newest and best source for ideas comes from our favorite place to visit during Fall with my family, which is Yesterland Farm in Canton, TX. I found out about this farm while looking up activities to do with my family when my son was still an infant. If you hear me mention this place a lot, it's because it's my favorite place on Earth. The cornfields, the maze, the spooky DIY's everywhere and the hayride... I just can't say enough good things about it!

Today's inspiration comes from the haunted hayride located within a wooded area. Among the many props along the path, my favorite are the prop ideas that utilize trees. Trees are often overlooked during Halloween but they can become a part of your display with a little help.

I'm sharing this idea because home haunting has changed for me now that I live away from the city and I'm always looking for ways to utilize my natural surroundings. This prop is situated on a tree stump with fluorescent colors and additional textures to give it an eerie and radioactive feel. What better way to utilize an old cut down tree than to spook it up?

Thanks to my Aunt checking in on me, I discovered At Home now offers Curbside pick-up. Previously when I checked it wasn't an option so I've added some things to my basket. One of them is this spooky living tree prop! I noticed its the same one from Yesterland Farm (the one pictured above) after putting it in my cart. I'm all about adding fluorescent tones to my props and adding a black light nearby for that pop of color. I can't wait to put my version together this year. I'll be sure to post the finished photos and update this post for future reference with a link. Stay tuned!

At Home Halloween Wishlist

My next wishlist from the store At Home! Unfortunately, you can't order online or do curbside even though their website technically says you can. It's probably only for certain items. None of the items I've listed below can be ordered online but are still worth sharing! 

Light up deep sea fish

Perfect for any spooky under water deep sea scene!

Price: $16.99 - At Home

Light up eel

I can imagine a couple of these with some lit seaweed decor in an underwater cave scene.

Price: $16.99 - At Home

Stone-look Jack-O-Lantern

I wish I could buy a few of these for my garden! The moss gives it an eerie touch.

Price: $5.99 - At Home

Bronze Pumpkin Fence

I love this simple fence as a backdrop for any spooky scene.

Price: $19.99 - At Home

Hanging Pumpkin

I would hang this hanging above my pumpkin patch, for sure!

Price: $19.99 - At Home

Halloween Kitty

This would go perfect near a glowing pumpkin!

Price: $4.99 - At Home

Halloween Wish List 2020

I've been online Halloween browsing for awhile now. I recently stumbled upon Target's Halloween goods. You can actually preorder them! Some of the items are already sold out but the website says "check back on release date." I'm going to check back in on August 27th to see if I can score some of these items. I had NO EARTHLY IDEA you could pre-order Halloween items from Target. I've been checking many sites for months but failed to check Target for some reason. Arrg! Either way, here are my favorite spooky new items for Halloween 2020 all from Target! I've also linked directly to the item if you're interested!

LED Skull Pineapple!

This is probably the neatest new Halloween item I've seen for 2020! I can envision two of these near my front door or even sitting on my kitchen window sill. It's great for that spooky tropical feel!

Price: $15
Where to buy: Target

Halloween Ornaments 6-pack

These spooky ornaments are sold out on pre-order and it's no wonder why! They're simply spooktacular! I would personally add a string and colorful beads in Halloween colors and make necklaces using these!

Price: $5
Where to buy: Target

Halloween bowls

Cute and spooky bowls for eating your favorite ghoulish goodies.

Price: $6
Where to buy: Target

Customizable Halloween Frame

This frame is perfect for ghost writing! 

Price: $10
Where to buy: Target

Animated Halloween Fishbowl

This Halloween fishbowl is perfect for ghouls who want fish but don't have the time to maintain or care for them.

Price: $35
Where to buy: Target

Stackable pumpkins

Achieve that classic Halloween feel with these stackable pumpkins!

Price: $20
Where to buy: Target

Baby Dragon

I love dragons so I kinda need this cute baby skeleton dragon!

Price: $15
Where to buy: Target

That's it for now! I'll continue to be on the hunt for great new items for 2020 and share anything I found that is noteworthy!

~Yours ghouly~

Thrift Giant (Lewisville Sept 2019)

Each year, I wait patiently for thrift stores to put out their Halloween stuff! I'm constantly checking all of my favorite spots. On this particular occasion, I was thrifting with my dad and son and we actually went to one of my favorite thrifts, Thrift Giant except to one of the locations we'd never been to! It was actually in Lewisville, TX. It was our first time at that particular location and to my surprise, they had just put out all of their Halloween stuff just that day! I had prime picks! 

The downside was the pricing. It was way more pricey than my normal Thrift Giant I frequent, but I made out with a few things! Is it just me or does anybody else look forward to this more than anything else during Halloween? It's the only place you can stumble upon amazing Halloween items from the past. I usually tend to look for anything from the 90's which is my favorite type of Halloween stuff! I also love finding pumpkins, props, and anything to decorate with. You can't get this stuff in regular stores these days! 

(Pics 9/4/2019)

Spirit Halloween & At Home (Aug 2019)

I'm finally sorting through all of my old pictures now that I have a little more time and sharing some memories while I actually still remember them! Last year I went to have dinner with my dad and sister at our favorite place to eat in Mesquite, TX called Bubba's 33. Their wings and salads are my absolute fave! In fact, I'm craving Bubba's right now! 

What I also love about this shopping center that Bubba's is located is that there was a Spirit Halloween there! Next door is a Ross and nearby is an At Home! It was already almost 9 that night so these are the places I decided to hit up with my son that night.

It looks like Spirit Halloween was closed! It was closing in a few minutes but we managed to get in with no pics, unfortunately! We quickly went in and out. My son was a little scared and one of the workers was giving me ugly looks for showing my son some of the animatronics. We didn't stay long!

About 2-3 minutes away was the store At Home. It was definitely an eerie feeling to be one of the few customers there at night. I definitely liked their selection of Halloween items! They had way more than most stores but the catch is that they're pretty pricey. I'll definitely have to stop in to check out their selection this year if I'm able to! 

I love how my son is so little yet so interested!